HFF 2018June 25 - 27, 2018 Mantra Bell City

Paul Horne

DR PAUL HORNE is an entomologist and since 1996 has been owner and director of IPM Technologies Pty Ltd, based in Hurstbridge, Victoria. 

He has been involved with the development and implementation of IPM in a wide range of crops and his work has taken him to different places including Antarctica, Yemen, Thailand, USA, Spain, Denmark, Indonesia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. 

He has delivered a lecture series on entomology and IPM at La Trobe University for many years..  He also regularly supervises undergraduate and post-graduate students from La Trobe and Melbourne Universities.  Paul completed his degree and PhD at La Trobe University, Bundoora.

Paul has written several books on insects and IPM (the two most important co-authored with Jessica Page) and published over 70 scientific and conference papers on insects and IPM, as well as many other articles in industry literature.  In 2009 Paul received the “Researcher of the Year” award from the Australian Vegetable industry. Paul and Jessica developed and helped to implement a successful IPM strategy for strawberries when the industry was in crisis in 2009.

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