HFF 2018June 25 - 27, 2018 Mantra Bell City

Carl van Loon

Carl is the CEO of Powerplants and has many roles at the company. With Partner Simon Gomme, he manages the company, designs new projects, visits customers, makes quote calculations, supports the sales team, solves problems, visits suppliers, and also keeps up to date on new growing systems and techniques. He enjoys working with customers to find technical and practical solutions for their individual challenges. His father was a grower, so he learned about plant propagation from an early age, earning money for icy poles from the age of 4. Later he studied Engineering at RMIT and Horticulture at Melbourne University – Burnley Campus, then started Powerplants in 1994. His vision was to build a company that would be the best designers and suppliers of greenhouse climate control systems. Powerplants was born and has gone from strength to strength. He enjoys innovating and solving technical problems, especially with mechanical systems like greenhouses, automated climate control systems and plant movement systems. He has a young family with his wife Briony van Loon and loves being a father and husband. And of course, he loves his team at Powerplants.

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