HFF 2018June 25 - 27, 2018 Mantra Bell City

Herman van der Gulik

Herman van der Gulik, Area Manager Australia New Zealand, Enza Zaden Export BV.

Herman is the Sales Manager for Enza Zaden Export BV products in the Oceania region. He works with growers and local distributors to get the best out of the wide range of genetics offered by the global power of Enza Zaden breeding for Australia and New Zealand. While Herman spends more time in open field crops these days, his first love over the last 2 decades is greenhouse production. He has close links to breeding, product specialists and commercial colleagues, in global markets to ensure innovative products are available locally. Enza Zaden is a global vegetable-breeding company with a head office located in The Netherlands. Worldwide, Enza Zaden has 1,800 employees and 43 subsidiaries in 24 countries to develop vegetable varieties of more than 30 crops. Modern plant breeding is combined with traditional plant selection to find the best varieties for both conventional and organic production. The subsidiary company ‘Vitalis’ has a dedicated organic breeding, production and sales team that uses modern techniques to meet market challenges. Vitalis is a leading supplier of genetics in high value markets to meet growing demand for certified ecological organic production.

Herman is passionate about opportunities within vegetable production, especially for organic production, and leads the Pukekohe young growers group.For more information please click here.